Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's ELMO!!

Hello All!  I have a little treat for you.  I finally compiled a few pictures and directions on how to make the characters on my Sesame Street cards found here.  Yay!  I hope it helps inspire your creativity!
Sesame Characters
These characters are so much fun to make.  Elmo and Big Bird are very easy to make (My 4yr old can).  Cookie Monster is very close to being easy but Grouch is a far cry from it.  Have patience with him!

Elmo: You will need a large red scallop, a large black circle cut in half, two white 3/4" circles and one orange 3/4" circle.  I used small circles from my SU OWL Punch for the black of the eyes but you could possibly use a standard hole punch.  Glue the mouth and eyes down first then finish with his nose.

Big Bird:  One large yellow scallop, two white 3/4" circles, two black small circles,  one 1 1/2" yellow oval and one 1 1/2" red oval cut in half (I used my Cricut for all of the oval shapes).  Glue the eyes to the scallop.  Fold the yellow oval in half and add the red oval to the inside.  Glue beak on top of eyes.

Cookie Monster:  One large blue scallop, one large black circle cut to about 2/3, two white 3/4" circles, two black small circles, two kraft 3/4" circles.  Adhere eyes and mouth to scallop.  Color on two cookies and cut one with scallop scissors or punch.  Glue inside mouth.

Grouch: One large green scallop, one black 1 1/4" oval, one brown medium circle, two white 3/4" circles, two small black circles and one 3/4" red circle cut to about 1/3 it's size.  This guy is tricky!  When doing his eyes and eye brows I punched out the shapes then put them back in the punch to trim them down.  To help hold the shapes in the punch I used a thin piece of scrap paper and regular tape to make a handle.  Trim down two sides of the white circles to make his circles really even have sides? =o) ... and trim off a small portion off the brown circle for his eye brows.  I cut mine in half to add to his mean look.  Glue down his mouth and eyes first followed by his eye brows!
Handle shot
Well there you have it!  If you have any questions please let me know!  Also, I would love to see the cards you create!  Share your link to a photo here!


  1. Great tutorial, thanks! These guys are on my list to create!

  2. this is great & I know i will put it to use! TFS!

  3. Great blog hop card! And thank you so much for the great tutorial!! It would be a great one for Tues. tutorial on S&S blog!!

  4. These are WONDERFUL!! Thank you SO much for sharing the instructions -- I can't wait to try some of these!! :)

    Amy :) at