Monday, August 16, 2010

Spiders, Oh My!

I finally bought a set of Halloween stamps and quickly put them to use.  I've always just invested in stickers and brads but I am so stingy even with my own product.  It takes a lot for me to finally use something I fell in love with.  I have paper I hold on to because once I use it, it's gone.  But stamps are different, they're always there no matter how much you use them!  I made the following cards for the OWH Midweek Throwdown.  The objective was to make a Fall themed card with no sentiment.  Well when I think Fall, I think Halloween.  So here's my cards!
I'm a very Clean and Simple papercrafter if you haven't yet noticed.  I made this card with a cute spider out of a Friskars stamp set.  The rest was just orange and white cardstock and 4 black brads from my stash.  The ribbon I believe came from Michael's.  I'm not the best at tying bows and after 6 of these cards, I could quit for a good while!
Spiders and Witches Hats
Very easy card to make multiples of! If I hadn't run out of black brads, I might have done bats!  The hats were from the same stamp set. 

I'd also like to share a very special card I made for my mother.  My mother is a 6yr breast cancer survivor who recently underwent surgery to fix some problems from a previous reconstructive surgery.  Amazingly, she received this card in the mail the same day she had her surgery.
Hope for a Cure
This was my very first easel card and it's actually very easy!  I knew when making this card that it had to have a pink ribbon and the sentiment Hope.  The ribbon I used came from Michael's and also the rhinestones.  The flowers were a lucky find at Walmart years ago that I just never found a use for.  Here are some close-up shots of the little details.


 I hope you enjoyed looking at my cards as much as I enjoy making them!

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  1. Wow!!! you've been a busy gal!!! All of these Halloween cards are wonderfully cute!!!
    Your card for your mom is stunning!!! I'm sure she thinks so as well. I'm glad she is a survivor, thank the Lord!!! I hope she feels better soon and she has many beautiful years ahead of her!! We all know that life is precious and it's times like these that we learn to appreciate every moment we have on earth!!! May God continue to bless her and your whole family!!!
    I'll be praying for her every time I think of you!!!