Friday, December 2, 2011

Toddler T-shirt DIY

Hey All!  So today I have a post for you unlike all my others...a sewing DIY.  My little girl seems to be stuck in a growth spurt and running low on clothes that fit.  My something new out of something old.
While we were still living in Seattle we went to a Storms game and received a few of their shirts for free.    Well, I can't quite send her to Pre K in a shirt that would serve her better off as a nightgown.  Time to get creative!

First, I grabbed two of the shirts and carefully cut the sleeves off.  I then cut and separated the fronts from the backs.  I took one of the back pieces and decided to crease and sew it wrong sides together every one inch.
Next, I gathered some freezer paper and a well fitting shirt and used this tutorial here to draft my pattern.

I then cut out all my pieces from the shirt trying to use the original hems.  Sew the front and back shoulders together.  Attach the sleeves and sew up the sides of the shirt.  Zig Zag stitch or serge to finish your seams.  Step back and admire your work!
The fronts still attached to the neck hole make perfect capes for the little men in your life as well!
(I promise you his socks are gray and not dirty!!)

Thanks for stopping by!  If you decide to make a shirt please share!